Outdoor strip heaters are a great way to generate ambient heat for your outdoor living space. These heaters are thin, stylish and becoming popular these days for both their looks and great functionality. Unlike other heaters, these radiant strip heaters warm up the people and objects directly below. This is ideal for outdoors. The strip heaters come in different sizes and are often ceiling mounted. They use minimal energy to warm up and no extra effort is needed to install & maintain. They are a great addition to areas such as outdoor alfresco areas, pergolas and verandas meaning you can enjoy the outdoor area during the cold winter months. The wattage and size of the heater are the two main factors that has to be considered before buying the strip heaters. As a general rule of thumb, the wattage of the heater is directly proportional to the amount of heat it produces. The heater wattage ranges from smaller 1500W to large and powerful 5000W models. Our range features strip heaters for wall or ceiling mounting. Browse the full range below:

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