Vortice Thermologika Soleil Plus Infrared Strip Heater – 1500w

vortice italian madehigh quality heaterpower-1500w

The Vortice Thermologika Soleil Plus is an IPX5 rated infrared heater designed for indoor or outdoor installation. The heater comes with a metal bracket for wall mounting and is well suited to areas that require strong heating in localised areas. The heater is designed with efficiency in mind, its long lasting and is designed for the harshest climates (suitable for operation down to minus 20 degrees). This thermologika fan requires installation by a qualified electrician.

$599.00 $649.00

Thermologika Soleil Plus Features

  • Strong and lightweight.
  • High protection grade (IPX5) which makes the product particularly suited to outdoor use.
  • The principle of radiation (like the sun itself) assures the efficient transmission of heat to the areas to be heated with no air dispersion.
  • Immediate heat delivery (more than 90% of the heat is generated in around 1 second, compared to the 30 seconds needed on average to complete the standard ON/OFF cycle of a conventional quartz bulb).
  • Heat concentrated in specifically targeted areas.
  • No combustion, no risk of odours or polluting agents.
  • Safe use (the quartz bulb guarantees high resistance to thermal shock).
  • Reduced maintenance and high reliability.
  • Requires hard-wiring by an electrician

Soleil Plus Dimensions

A: 395mm
B: 130mm
C: 120mm

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Vortice: 12 month warranty (conditions apply)