Welcome to our range of large heaters. Large heaters are great for living rooms, large bedrooms and outdoor areas. At heating online we have large strip and panel heaters which help in keeping your living area cosy and warm during winter. We have models which can be wall mounted or ceiling mounted so don’t need to worry about finding new space for your heater. Here are some questions to be asked to find the right heater:
1. How big is the room/area? Measure your room size in square metres. Roughly, for effective heating you need around 100W per square meter. For example, if the room size is 20 sq.m then the heater should output 2000W for effective heating.
2. Indoor or outdoor usage? For indoor spaces it is wise to go with large panel heaters and for outdoor usage strip heaters would be a good option.
Choosing the right heater for your room size will help avoid unnecessary energy costs. See below for the different brands of large heaters:

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