Heat transfer systems enable you to transfer hot air from one room to one or several other rooms. Our heat transfer kits will be largely helpful for the houses which have one heater used in the main area that warms up only that area leaving the other rooms cold. These kits will transfer the excess air which is trapped at the top of the room.
Installation of a heat transfer kit is relatively easy. Every kit comes with vents, inline fans and insulated ducting. The vents helps in picking up the warm air near the ceiling and the inline fan helps in transferring the air from one room to another. The heat can be transferred up to 4 rooms. We have a range of kits from simple 1 room transfer to complex 3 or 4 room systems.
The kits can be used for both hot and cold transfer, in summer in conjunction with an air conditioning unit or in winter alongside a heater. The most common application is to use a heat transfer kit to transfer heat to other rooms. They are a cost effective and energy efficient means of heating your household. See our pre-packaged heat transfer kits below:

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