It is very important to keep the bathroom warm and comfortable like other rooms, especially during winter. Warm up your bathroom now with our range of bathroom heaters. There are a few ways to make your bathroom warmer with many products designed to raise the overall temperature of the bathroom.
Exhaust fans
Installing a 3-in-1 exhaust, light and heat ventilation system is the most popular choice in heating a bathroom as all of the functionality is built into one unit. This will draw out the moist air in the room and also provide warmth to heat up the bathroom, along with lighting. We have a wide range of models designed to cater for both small and large bathrooms.
Panel Heaters
Panel heaters are also another option which can be mounted on the bathroom wall. This is suitable for small bathrooms. With most panel heaters you are able to control the temperature, some also have built in thermostats.
Infrared Strip heaters
Infrared heaters are available in small and compact sizes which can be mounted on the bathroom wall. This type of heater will warm up the room very quickly, perfect for those chilly winter days or rooms which tend to get very cold.
Another comfort is warm towels through heated towel rails. It is really important to choose the right heaters for your bathroom considering a few factors such as room size and ventilation as different heaters warms up the room in different ways. View all bathroom heaters below:

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