Tastic Neo in White – Single Heat

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The IXL Tastic Neo is a modern 3 in 1 exhaust fan, an excellent choice with a combination of exhaust, heat and light. The IXL Tastic Neo includes 1 x 800w halogen heat lamps and 3 x 7w LED globes. This exhaust fan has a high capacity of 346 m3/hr and includes a durable 40w inline motor.


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Tastic Neo Exhaust Fan Features

  • Side ducted centrifugal exhaust fan
  • Ideal for bathroom settings
  • Comes with everything you need to install – 170mm duct and grill

Tastic Neo Exhaust Fan Specifications

  • Model Number: 31111
  • Exhaust Motor Power: 40w
  • Air Delivery: 346 m3/hr
  • Grille Size: 358mm x 476mm
  • Cut out size: 326mm x 462mm
  • Min. install depth: 250mm
  • Side outlet duct size: 170mm diameter
  • Heat Lamps: 1 x 800w tungsten halogen heat lamps
  • Noise Level: TBA
SKU: ECIXN1HW Categories: ,
Manufacturers Part Number




Extraction Capacity

346 m3/hr

Cut Out Size

326mm x 462mm

Minimum Install Depth





IXL Tastic – 3 year replacement warranty