Ventair Sahara 3 in 1 Bathroom Unit in White

The Ventair Sahara is an attractive option for a 3-in-1 bathroom unit. The Sahara features a fan powered heater to warm the whole room. This is a unique feature of the Sahara because most 3-in-1 units have radiant heaters which only warm the air directly below the unit. The Sahara also boasts an LED light and high extraction rate.  This unit is side- ducted catering for 150mm of ducting.

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Ventair Sahara 3 in 1 Bathroom Unit

  • LED downlight
  • Side ducted

Regent Exhaust Fan Specifications

  • Model Number: SAH31WH
  • Heat (L 1100 watts, H 2000 W)
  • Exhaust Motor Power: 50w
  • Air Delivery: 380 m3/hr
  • Grille Size: 537mm x 370mm
  • Cut out size: 428mm x 345mm
  • Min. install depth: 220mm
  • Side outlet duct size: 150mm diameter
SKU: ECVESHWH Categories: ,
Manufacturers Part Number




Extraction Capacity

380 m3/hr

Cut Out Size

528mm x 345mm

Minimum Install Depth




IP Rating



Ventair – 3 year replacement warranty