Dimplex Q-RAD Smart Electric Radiator – 1500w

The Dimplex Q-RAD Smart Electric Radiator Heater is an attractive slimline 1500w max heater. It is suitable to be wall mounted in domestic environments such as living rooms and bedrooms. The heater contains adaptive temperature control using an inbuilt timer to set a temperature for the designated room and has a reprogrammable memory function from past use. The Q-RAD Smart Electric Radiator Heater when setting a temperature changes colour and uses a draft sensor to monitor drops in temperature offering standby mode support.


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Dimplex Q-RAD Smart Electric Radiator Heater Specifications

  • Wall mountable
  • Applications – living rooms and bedrooms
  • Colour: White
  • 7 day electronic timer
  •  Capacity 1.5 kW
  • Adapative Temperature control
  • Alternating LCD screen backlight – changes in accordance to the temperature
  • Includes a draft sensor which switches to standby mode when the temperature of the room drops
  • Reprogrammable memory from previous temperatures and modes

Electric Radiator Heater Dimensions

Product Size: 755mm x 107mm x 536mm

Suitable Environment for Installation


Please view the Dimplex Q-RAD Smart Electric Radiator below:

SKU: HPDPQR15W Categories: , ,
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Dimplex: 7 year replacement warranty (conditions apply).